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      L everaging on the Cross-Reactivity and recovery of leptospira serovars in stored cultures to mitigate limitations of the Microscopic Agglutination Test [1]
      L-band and VHF response to scintillation activity during the ascending phase of sunspot cycle 24 in the Equatorial Region of East African [1]
      Laboratory and simulation measurements to investigate attenuation in optical fibres [1]
      Laboratory Diagnosis of Candidiasis [1]
      Laboratory medicine in Africa: a barrier to effective health care [1]
      Laboratory predictors of Cholelithiasis in Patients with Sickle cell Anaemia. [1]
      Labour problems in the economic and social development of Zambia [2]
      Labour productivity among small-and medium-scale enterprises in Uganda: the role of innovation [1]
      Lack of association between fluconazole susceptibility and ERG11 nucleotide polymorphisms in cryptococcus neoformans clinical isolates from Uganda [1]
      Ladies Home. [1]
      Ladu koduru [1]
      Ladu oleri [1]
      Lady Cohen opening new Mulago school of nurses 25th October, 1956. [1]
      The Lady Coryndon Maternity Training School. [1]
      Lake Bunyonyi and Mount Muhavura. [1]
      Lake Bunyonyi Uganda. [1]
      Land and survey fees for preparation of final certificates, 1921-1945. [1]
      Land conflicts and internally displaced persons’ resettlement in Amuru District, 2006 to 2010. [1]
      Land conflicts and livelihoods of people utilising Namatala wetland in Eastern Uganda [1]
      Land conflicts and national security in Uganda [1]