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      Synthesis and characterisation of selected polyoxometallates and their applications in catalysis [1]
      Synthesis and characterization of graphene oxide from locally mined graphite flakes and its supercapacitor applications [1]
      Synthesis and characterization of silver/calcium Oxideactivated carbon Nano-composite for the removal of phosphate from wastewater [1]
      Synthesis of carbamates from carbon dioxide, alcohol and amines catalyzed by cobalt-based polyoxometalates metal organic frameworks. [1]
      Synthesis of cyclic carbonates from epoxides and carbon dioxide catalyzed by talc and other phyllosilicates [1]
      Synthesis, Anti-plasmodial and Anti-microbial Properties of Carvotacetone Analogues [1]
      Synthesis, catalysis and Nitrosyl derivatives of Iron(ii) complexes bearing Pentadentate Polypyridyl ligands [1]
      Tentative qualitative and quantitative analysis of phenolic compounds in leaf extract from Carica papaya Linn. plant growing in Uganda [1]
      Thermal performance of an oil-rock heat storage system [1]
      Total electron content estimation in low latitude region of East Africa using NeQiuck2 model [1]
      Ultimate ruin probabilities in the stochastic dual risk model compounded by investment income [1]
      Upgrading and characterization of smectite from selected volcanic sediments of Eastern Uganda [1]
      The use of Splines for solving ill-posed problems, with application to the Cauchy problems for the Heat and Helmholtz equations. [1]
      Using trace metals, peroxide, acid and iodine values to characterize oils bleached using clays from Central and Eastern Uganda [1]
      Utilisation of excess power generated by stand-alone solar photovoltaic system: a case study in Uganda [1]
      Utilization of fungal and bacterial endophytes for the management of the banana nematode Radopholus similis in East African Highland Bananas. [1]
      Utilizing heated pollen and Androgenesis pathways for the production of haploids in cassava [1]
      Wild edible plants used by communities in and around selected forest reserves of Teso-Karamoja region, Uganda [1]
      X-ray emission properties of supernova remnants SN1987A and SN1006 from Chandra data [1]
      Y-chromosome genotyping of the Balamogi, the Bagwere and the Banyole of Eastern Uganda [1]