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      Characterisation of optical parameters of zink sulphide and silver metal film coated on glass at different deposition angles [1]
      Characterisation of resistant starch in selected banana cultivars [1]
      Characterization of anthocyanins from selected plant species in Uganda [1]
      Characterization of Reservoir Properties for the Kisegi Formation in Semliki Basin, Albertine Graben, Western Uganda using Rock Physics Diagnostics [1]
      Characterization of reservoir properties for the Kisegi Formation in Semliki Basin, Albertine Graben, Western Uganda using rock physics diagnostics [1]
      Characterization of selected pesticide residues in sediments of the Ugandan side of Lake Victoria [1]
      Characterization of sorption of endosulfan isomers and chlorpyrifos on container walls using mixed solvent systems. [1]
      Chemical structure and properties of anthocyanins from selected plant species from Uganda towards nutraceutical development [1]
      Comparative analysis of Ethanol production from Sweet Sorghum and Maize stalks grown in different locations in Eastern Uganda. [1]
      A comparative analysis of the performance of field methods in the control of tsetse and trypanasomiasis: The case of Bugiri District in South Eastern Uganda. [1]
      Contributions to reduced rank modelling with applications to small area estimation [1]
      A cost-utility model for pre-and post infection dynamics of foot-and-mouth disease in selected districts of Uganda [1]
      Cowpea varietal influence on Striga hermonthica [(Del.) Benth] in finger millet (Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn) fields in Pallisa District, Eastern Uganda [1]
      Delineation of petroleum plays in the Semliki Basin, Albertine Graben Western Uganda, from trap-type perspective [1]
      Delineation of the Cenozoic Petroleum plays in the Main Pass area, North Eastern Gulf of Mexico, United States of America [1]
      Design of a water purification technology for the removal of Iron, Manganese, and Escherichia coli from ground water supply of Oruchinga Refugee Settlement Communities [1]
      Designing and Performance Evaluation of Biochar Production in a Top-Lit Updraft Up-scaled Gasifier [1]
      Detection and phylogenetic analysis of lumpy skin disease virus in cattle from selected districts in Uganda [1]
      Detection, distribution, and genetic variability of European mountain ash ringspot-associated virus. [1]
      Determination and analysis of radiofrequency intensities from digital television broadcasting transmitters in Kampala metropolitan, Uganda [1]