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      L-band and VHF response to scintillation activity during the ascending phase of sunspot cycle 24 in the Equatorial Region of East African [1]
      Landslide occurrences in the hilly areas of Bududa District in Eastern Uganda and their causes [1]
      Life history traits and growth of Nile Perch, Lates Niloticus (l.), in Lake Victoria, Uganda: Implications for management of the fishery [1]
      Limiting behaviours of the longest gaps between occurrence epochs in poisson processes [1]
      Loading and mobility of faecal and chemical contaminants to shallow groundwater: evidence from Lukaya Town, Central Uganda [1]
      Localization in different categories [1]
      Mathematical methods for computing centrality measures based on powers of the adjacency matrix for large networks [1]
      A mathematical model for dynamic stochastic asset liability management of Uganda's retirement benefit schemes [1]
      A mathematical model for the transmission dynamics and optimal control strategy of Coffee Wilt disease [1]
      Mathematical Modelling of Harvesting of a Stage and Size - Structured Fish Population: the Case of African Catfish and Nile Tilapia [1]
      Mathematical Models for HIV-HCV Co-infection Dynamics under Various Control Strategies [1]
      Measurement and modeling of residual stress in porcelain tiles formulated from different quartz particle sizes in Uganda [1]
      Microbial contaminants in wild harvested and traded edible long-horned grasshopper, Ruspolia differens (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) in Uganda [1]
      Modeling precipitable water vapour using Global Navigation Satellite System data over the East African region [1]
      Modelling the severity of dual and co-Infection with malaria in populations with persistent and re-emerging Infections. [1]
      The molecular biology of sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine drug resistance of plasmodium falciparum strains in Uganda [1]
      Molecular characterization and incidence of viruses affecting water melon and pumpkin production in Uganda. [1]
      Molecular phylogeny, taxonomy and distribution of Chlorophytum Ker-Gawl. (Asparagaceae) in Uganda [1]
      Molecular speciation of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC) from pulmonary TB patients in Southern regions of Ghana [1]
      The Morphic property in modules and near-rings [1]