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      Distribution solutions to ordinary differential equations with polynomial coefficients on the real line [1]
      Dithiocarbamate residue levels in selected vegetables from Bukavu Region, Democratic Republic of Congo [1]
      Diurnal and seasonal variability of total electron content observed at Kampala in the Equatorial Region [1]
      Diversity and distribution of aerial parasitic plants on woody plants in home gardens of selected districts of Western Uganda. [1]
      Diversity and distribution of lepidopteran floral visitors in different land-use types in Mabira Central Forest Reserve, Uganda [1]
      Diversity and distribution of macro-invertebrates associated with Anopheles gambiae breeding habitats in selected villages along River Sezibwa, Uganda [1]
      Diversity of gastrointestinal parasites in Blue Monkeys and Grey-cheeked Mangabeys at Ngogo Research Site, Kibale National Park [1]
      Diversity of the bean anthracnose pathogen, colletotrichum lindemuthianum (sacc. and magn.) from major bean agroecological zones of Uganda [1]
      Dividend maximisation in an insurance process compounded by risky and non-risky investments. [1]
      Drug-resistant bacterial contamination and efficacy of selected herbal medicines sold in Kampala city, Uganda (MakIR) (Unpublished PhD Thesis) Makerere University Kampala Uganda [1]
      The dual of local cohomology modules [1]
      The dynamics of cyanobacteria and potential threats of cyanotoxins in Uganda: a case of Murchison Bay and Napoleon Gulf, northern Lake Victoria [1]
      Dynamics of soil-transmitted helminths under mass drug administration among school children in Kumi Municipality, Eastern Uganda [1]
      Earthquake data files [1]
      Earthworms as alternative protein ingredient in poultry feed. [1]
      An ecogeographical study and genetic variation of the genus eulophia in selected wetlands of Uganda [1]
      The ecology of enteric bacterial transmission among apes, humans, and livestock in Bwindi Impenetrable and Kibale National Parks, Uganda [1]
      Ectoparasites of small mammal communities in restored oil prospecting sites in Buliisa and Hoima Districts [1]
      Effecacy of selected Entomopathogenic fungi for the management of Sweetpotato weevils (Coleoptera: Brentidae) in Uganda. [1]
      Effect of basin evolutionary factors on reservoir quality of the Semliki basin, Western Uganda [1]