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      Selective oxidation of benzyl alcohols with molecular oxygen as the oxidant using Ag-Cu catalysts supported on polyoxometalates [1]
      A Solution to an Exterior Bernoulli Free Boundary problem using the Constitutive Error Cost Functional. [1]
      Solutions to a non-linear Diophantine equation of Pillai type [1]
      Some pharmacological activities of selected medicinal plant species used for treating cattle diseases in Kabira Sub-County, Rakai District [1]
      Sorption behaviour of Cypermethrin in selected Agricultural soils from Kakira, Lugazi and Kalangala farming areas in Uganda [1]
      Sorption kinetics and degradation of chlorpyrifos in selected Uganda soils using mixed solvents [1]
      Sorption kinetics and equilibria of a mixture of atrazine and diuron for selected tropical soils from Uganda [1]
      Source rock maturation and hydrocarbon generation evaluation using 3D Basin modelling [1]
      Spatial and matrix influences on the biogeography of insect taxa in forest fragments in Central Uganda [1]
      Spatial profiles and sources of selected persistent organic pollutants in surface sediments of Lake Victoria, East Africa [1]
      Spatial risk estimation of parasitic infestations of pond and cage cultured Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in the Lake Victoria Crescent, Uganda. [1]
      Spectroscopic analysis of heterogeneous biocatalysts for biodiesel production from expired Sunflower cooking oil [1]
      Statistical Lagragian characterization of the steady ABC and meandering jet flows. [1]
      Stochastic model for Langerhans Cells and HIV dynamics: In vivo [1]
      Stress tensor inversion using focal mechanisms of earthquakes recorded in the Rwenzori Region, Albertine Rift System [1]
      Structural properties of zeolites and their application in the removal of selected heavy metals from wastewater [1]
      Structure elucidation of compounds isolated from the stem bark of Euclea latidens used in treatment of dental caries [1]
      Substitution of Mukene (Rastreneobola argentea) Protein with Blue bottle fly (Calliphora vomitoria) protein in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) diets [1]
      Subsurface facies analysis of the paleogene formations, nahal field, melut basin,south sudan [1]
      Suitability of cyclopoids as starter live feed for the African Catfish (Clarias Gariepinus, Burchell 1822) larvae culture in Uganda [1]