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      Open performance appraisal practices, fairness perceptions and appraisee satisfaction among Uganda public service employees [1]
      Operant competence, organizational social capital, organizational commitment and organizational citizenship behaviour [1]
      Operant competences, emotional competences, role clarity and perceived performance of executive directors [1]
      Operant competences, emotional competences, role clarity and the climate of occupational safety in the building industry [1]
      Organisational culture, organisational commitment and turnover intentions [1]
      Organisational learning, knowledge management practices and work performance : A case of Centenary Rural Development Bank [1]
      Organizational culture and organizational performance of privatized organizations in Uganda [1]
      Organizational culture, action learning and role clarity among employees of soroti local government [1]
      Organizational Culture, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intentions among Lecturers at Makerere University [1]
      Organizational culture, psychological contract, and organizational commitment in telecommunication companies in Uganda. [1]
      Organizational justice, organizational commitment and job performance in project- based organizations: Case of The Lutherans World Federation Adjumani Sub Program [1]
      Organizational learning, employee engagement and employee retention: a case of employees of Kampala Capital City Authority [1]
      Organizational socialization, job satisfaction, commitment and turn over intentions of new employees in commercial banks. [1]
      Organizational training, knowledge management and competitive advantage in the Banking Industry in Uganda [1]
      Overweight, self-efficacy and bullying among adolescents in a secondary school in Ssisa, Wakiso district in Uganda [1]
      Parental acceptance, self-concept, and depression among early adolescents in Uganda [1]
      Parental bonding, peer influence, and parent-adolescent conflict among school going adolescents in Kampala and Wakiso Districts [1]
      Parental influence, socio-economic factors, school environment and career choice amongst secondary school students [1]
      Parental marital status, trust and anger in adolescent girls [1]
      Parental monitoring, depression and risky sexual behaviors among adolescents living in slum areas [1]