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      The relationship between teachers’ competences, role clarity, organizational citizenship behavior and school performance [1]
      Relationships between perception of organizational culture, work life balance and employee engagement [1]
      Reproductive health knowledge, substance abuse and risky sexual behaviour amongst street adolescents [1]
      Resilience, aggression, and psychological wellbeing among military youth (UPDF) [1]
      Resilience, self-esteem and depression among adolescents in Makerere Kikoni Kampala [1]
      Rewards, employee motivation, and organizational citizenship behavior [1]
      Role conflict, parenting styles and stress among employed mothers in Makindye Division, Kampala District [1]
      Role models' influence, psychological capital and persistence in entrepreneurship during the Covid-19 pandemic [1]
      School-based support, coping and adherence to antiretroviral therapy among school going adolescents living with HIV [1]
      Self efficacy, social support and adherence to antiretroviral therapy among HIV/AIDs patients in Uganda [1]
      Self esteem, coping strategies and Alcohol use among adolescents in Kampala [1]
      Self- esteem, mindfulness and quality of romantic relationships among female students at Makerere University [1]
      Self-disclosure, accessing counseling services and psychological well-being among HIV-positive women. [1]
      Self-efficacy, motivation and behavior control among adolescents in Kampala [1]
      Self-Efficacy, Peer Influence and Substance Abuse among Secondary School Adolescents in Makindye Division, Kampala District [1]
      Self-Efficacy, Self-Regulation and Prosocial Behavior among Secondary School Students in Uganda [1]
      Self-esteem, coping strategies and depression of student teachers at Bushenyi Core Primary Teachers College, Bushenyi Municipality [1]
      Self-esteem, emotional intelligence and happiness among secondary school adolescents in Wakiso District. [1]
      Self-esteem, peer influence and risky sexual behaviour among university students [1]
      Self-esteem, risky sexual behaviour and academic achievement among secondary school students in Wakiso Town Council [1]