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      Frequency of and risk factors for HIV dementia in an HIV clinic in sub-Saharan Africa [1]
      Frequency of Factor V-Leiden, Prothrombin G20210A, and Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase mutations (c677t) among patients in Mulago sickle cell clinic [1]
      Frequency of markers of resistance to antifolates used as preventive therapy for placental malaria in pregnant women, Tororo District [1]
      Fresh stillbirths following emergency caesarean section deliveries and associated factors at Kawempe National Referral Hospital, Uganda [1]
      From known to unknown: language and literature learning and teaching in Uganda [1]
      From mission to local church: a history on the ‘indigenization’ of the Catholic Church in Buganda, 1913 - 2012 [1]
      From the fish market. [1]
      From the ground up : User involvement in the development of an information iystem for use in HIV voluntary counselling and testing [1]
      Frontloading versus standard sputum smears for diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in Mulago Hospital, Kampala [1]
      Fruit composition, storage stability, optimal drying conditions and flour characteristics for selected pumpkin varieties [1]
      Fruit traits associated with resistance to fruit pests of hot pepper in Uganda [1]
      Fruits of success. [1]
      Frustrated or Frustrating?: the inspector general of government and the question of political corruption in Uganda [1]
      Fuel value indices of fuelwood species and accuracy of K-nearest neighbour technique in woody biomass estimation in Masindi and Nebbi Districts, Uganda [1]
      Functional and operational reliability of commercial buildings: A case study of Kampala central business district shopping malls [1]
      Functional characteristics of intensive care units in Uganda and their 28 day patient mortality- a multicenter prospective cohort study (#nct03511742). [1]
      Functional characterization of rhomboid proteases in pyogenic gram positive cocci [1]
      Functional genetics in ascomycetes pseudocercospora fijiensis (synonym mycosphaerella fijiensis) the pathogen of black sigatoka disease in banana [1]
      Functional host-genetic loci associated with pediatric HIV-disease progression in Uganda and Botswana. [1]
      The functionality of patriotism in nation-building in Uganda [1]