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      Abiri [2]
      Abiri Ede Moyo Nidri Da Kuyo [1]
      Aboojo baragaine [1]
      Abortion in Uganda : the neglected dangers [1]
      "Abortion? That's for women!" Narratives and experiences of commercial motorbike riders in South-Western Uganda. [1]
      Above-ground biomass and carbon stocks of different land cover types in Mt. Elgon, Eastern Uganda [2]
      Abridged thematic curriculum’s prioritization and learning recovery in selected government aided primary schools in industrial division, Mbale City [1]
      Abstracts of the 8th annual graduate workshop of the Faculty of Agriculture, Makerere University [1]
      Abundance and diversity of tomato rhizosphere microbes in different land uses and their effect on bacterial wilt disease in Uganda [1]
      Abundance and nutritional compositions of ruspolia differens polymorphs from Masaka District: Uganda [1]
      Abundance and some aspects of breeding biology of African Catfish (Clariasgariepinus) in Kafu Riverine wetland [1]
      The abundance, distribution and community utilization of Loeseneriella apocynoides and Manilkara Obovata species in Sango Bay Forest, Rakai District [1]
      Abundance, population structure, distribution and socio-economic value of medicinal plant resources to the Tepeth community, Moroto district, Uganda [1]
      Abusive supervision, psychological capital and deviant work behaviors: case of workers of Brookside Limited [1]
      Academic achievement of Ugandan sixth grade students: influence of parents’education levels [1]
      The academic alliance for AIDS care and prevention in Africa [1]
      Academic goals. [1]
      Academic interest, engagement and academic performance among secondary school students [1]
      Academic motivation, self-concept and academic achievement in English and Mathematics at Ordinary Level. [1]
      Acceptability and early impact of a parenting education programme to promote alternative discipline in Central Uganda [1]