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      Fracture detection in children using convolution neural network [1]
      A framework for GIS-enabled public e-participation in municipal solid waste management [1]
      A framework for information management in E-agriculture [1]
      Hybridizing machine learning and static malware detection using the PE header [1]
      Information seeking behaviour of rural women in Bungokho County, Mbale District of Uganda [1]
      An information technology based framework for integrating referral levels among public healthcare facilities in Uganda [1]
      A Link Fabrication Attack Mitigation Approach (LIFAMA) for software defined networks [1]
      A localized geometrical alignment technique for updating geo-spatial databases [1]
      Malware detection using static analysis with PCA, mRMR and machine learning [1]
      A mobile application for recommended fertiliser application rates of selected crops in Central Uganda [1]
      A mobile fetal health monitoring device [1]
      A model for adoption of information systems for antenatal healthcare practice in Wakiso District [1]
      Modeling connectivity for vehicular adhoc networks under high traffic density with interference [1]
      Modeling scheduling of customers in a bank queue using residual time based Preemptive Priority Queuing [1]
      Modelling the Minimum Latency Aggregation Scheduling (MLAS) problem under traffic heterogeneity in clustered Wwireless sensor Networks. [1]
      A novel model to strengthen researcher-farming community engagement [1]
      Politics in the indigenization of library and information services : The way forward for East Africa [1]
      Predicting infectitious disease density in urban settings using Convolutional Neural Networks [1]
      Programming language support for continuous user authentication [1]
      A real time revenue recognition tool [1]