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      An agricultural knowledge-sharing framework for smallholder farmers and agricultural knowledge experts [1]
      Application of random forest regressor algorithm to predict PM2.5 concentration levels in Kampala [1]
      Assessment of records management practices at All Saints Cathedral, Kampala [1]
      Augmented continuous wavelet transform features for deep learning-based indoor localization using WiFi RSSI Data [1]
      Automated intestinal parasite detection in stool samples using custom convolutional neural networks [1]
      Comparative evaluation of na ̈ive–bayes and k–nearest neighbor classifiers to improve prediction of short-term precipitation [1]
      Designing persuasive technologies for societal benefit: a persuasive technology for fighting electricity theft in Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Detecting money laundering using a pattern matching approach based on Rete Algorithm [1]
      Detection of WannaCry Ransomware using machine learning techniques [1]
      Developing a framework for measuring IT project success in developing countries : a case study of Uganda [1]
      Electricity theft in Kampala and potential ICT solutions [1]
      Enhancing the DCFM node isolation attack mechanism for OLSR protocol in Android MANETs [1]
      Enhancing the interoperability of public health systems in Uganda using a data exchange module [1]
      Extraction content recommender model for a personalised e-learning environment based on learner’s course assessment feeds [1]
      Fracture detection in children using convolution neural network [1]
      A framework for GIS-enabled public e-participation in municipal solid waste management [1]
      A framework for information management in E-agriculture [1]
      Hybridizing machine learning and static malware detection using the PE header [1]
      Information seeking behaviour of rural women in Bungokho County, Mbale District of Uganda [1]
      An information technology based framework for integrating referral levels among public healthcare facilities in Uganda [1]