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      Adoption of drought tolerant maize varieties among smallholder maize farmers in Kamuli and Masindi Districts [1]
      Adoption of On-Farm Plantation Forestry by Smallholder Farmers in Uganda [1]
      Analysis of Gender differences in Smallholder Farmers’ Use of Information Sources to cope with Drought in Masindi District, Uganda [1]
      Analysis of Tamarindus (Tamarindus Indica L.) Value Chain in Uganda: Identification of Opportunities and Constraints to Its Commercialization and Domestication [1]
      Apple Peel Biochemical Changes after Foliar Application of Combined Boron and Calcium I. Phenolics and Physico-Chemical Attributes [1]
      Apple Peel Biochemical Changes after Foliar Application of Combined Boron and Calcium II. Photosynthetic Pigments, Total Peroxides and Photochemical Efficiency [1]
      Assessing the resilience of persons with disabilities in landslide prone areas: a case of Bushika sub county, Bududa district [1]
      Assessing the socio-cultural determinants of adoption of biogas technology in Mpigi district, Uganda [1]
      Assessment of allocative efficiency of smallholder tea farmers: evidence from Kabale and Kanungu districts, Uganda [1]
      An assessment of pedo-hydrological characteristics at medium sized landslide sites in Manafwa catchment, mountain Elgon. [1]
      An assessment of smallholder dairy farmer innovations in Malawi [1]
      An Assessment of the Environmental Performance of Selected Firms in the Kampala Industrial and Business Park (KIBP), Uganda [1]
      Assessment of the success of active forest restoration in Mount Elgon National Park, Eastern Uganda [1]
      Attitudes of communities towards wetland conservation programmes: A case of Lutembe Bay Wetland, Wakiso District, Uganda [1]
      Baseline assessment of water quality along Nakulabye stream [1]
      Bean stem maggot resistance in root rot resistant and drought tolerant breeding lines [1]
      Belowground carbon allocation in an African forest with a history of different management practices [1]
      Climate Risk and Food Security among Indigenous Communities of Kanungu District, South western Uganda [1]
      Complementary food handling practices associated with food safety, health and nutritional status of children in Adyel division, Lira district [1]
      Composition and physico-chemical properties of grain flour and leaves of different amaranth accessions [1]