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      Bamboo regeneration and succession in Echuya [1]
      Begomoviruses infecting cassava and their interaction with brown streak viruses in Kenya [1]
      Busowe Nature Reserve and Kabunja Private Forest and their users [1]
      Butto-Buvuma Forest Reserve site report: Third visit, 2005 [1]
      Chirungu settlement and Rwoho forest reserve: A site report prepared for presentation to the residents of Chirunga LC1 Mbarara District Administration [1]
      Community involvement in natural resources management [1]
      Community-based forest resource management in East Africa [1]
      Decentralization of forestry resources in Uganda: realities or rhetoric? [1]
      Early detection of tropical forest degradation: an IFIU pilot study in Uganda. [1]
      Echuya forest reserve and its users [1]
      Ecological changes following rules in use and anthropology: the case of Echuya bamboo forest, south-western Uganda [1]
      The ecological changes of Echuya afromontane bamboo forest, Uganda [1]
      Effective monitoring of decentralised forest resources in East Africa [1]
      Enhancing the potential of organic and mineral fertilizers for bean production on contrasting soils [1]
      Explaining deforestation: the role of local institutions in Ugandan forests: a policy brief [1]
      Firewood consumption around Budongo forest reserve in western Uganda [1]
      The impact of population density on forest management and use in Uganda [1]
      Indigenous technical knowledge and forest management: A case study of sacred groves (Traditional Forest Reserves), Mpigi District, Uganda [1]
      Integrating remote sensing data and rapid appraisals for land-cover change analyses in Uganda [2]
      Joint forest management: a community training manual for forest communities [1]