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      Health care seeking among women with cervical cancer in Uganda: A case study at Mulago Hospital [1]
      Health seeking behaviour and challenges in utilising health facilities in Wakiso district, Uganda [1]
      Health system facilitators and barriers to the implementation of cotrimoxazole preventive therapy recommendations among HIV positive adults in Mityana District, Uganda [1]
      Health workers’ adherence to guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of uncomplicated malaria in health facilities in jinja district, eastern Uganda. [1]
      Health workers’ compliance to treatment guidelines for uncomplicated malaria under the artemether-lumefantrine drug policy in Hoima District. [1]
      Health-related quality of life among antiretroviral therapy (ART) experienced and ART naїve adults attending an urban HIV clinic in Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Health-related quality of life among smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Mbale District, Uganda [1]
      Hemoglobin status and its association with age in children under five years in the Central Region of Uganda. [1]
      Hepatitis B screening among pregnant women in lira district: a community based cross sectional study. [1]
      High HIV-1 prevalence, risk behaviours, and willingness to participate in HIV vaccine trials in fishing communities on Lake Victoria, Uganda. [1]
      High Incidence of HIV-1 Infection in a General Population of Fishing Communities around Lake Victoria, Uganda [1]
      HIV related disabilities, and utilisation of rehabilitation services by people living with HIV receiving care at the Mulago Immune Suppressive Syndrome Clinic, Kampala-Uganda [1]
      Immunization coverage and risk factors for high dropout in Rakai district. [1]
      Impact of Pastoral land use change on Surface Water Quality in Kagera Sub-Basin [1]
      Implementation of tuberculosis infection control in health facilities in Mukono and Wakiso districts, Uganda [1]
      Improving the effectiveness of the education sector response in the fight against HIV/AIDS: A case study of post primary education and training institutions in uganda. [1]
      Integrated approach to malaria prevention at household level in rural communities in Uganda: Experiences from a pilot project. [1]
      Integrated community case management of malaria and pneumonia in Eastern Uganda: care-seeking, adherence, and community health worker performance. [1]
      The Interrelationship between religiosity and HIV infections in Uganda: A community case study [1]
      Interventions for managing the movement of health workers between public and private organizations in low- and middle-income countries [1]