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      Disability predisposure to urinary tract infections among adolescent girls: a prospective cohort study in Tororo district, Uganda. [1]
      Do religion and religiosity have anything to do with alcohol consumption patterns? Evidence from two fish landing sites on Lake Victoria, Uganda [1]
      The effect of an educational game on patients’ uptake of knowledge of HIV and sexually transmitted infections at the Infectious Diseases Institute, Kampala [1]
      The effect of HIV testing and instant antiretroviral therapy (ART) initiation on long term patients’ attrition: A retrospective cohort study in Masaka, Uganda [1]
      The effect of one versus two Praziquantel treatments on Schistosoma Monsoni morbidity and re-infection along Lake Victoria in Uganda [1]
      Effect of repeated anthelminthic treatment on malaria in school children in Kenya: A randomized, open label, equivalence trial [1]
      The effect of Schistosoma Mansoni infection on T-cell responses to measles booster immunization among 3-5 year old children [1]
      The effect of the basic care package on morbidity among HIV/AIDS patients seen at Mildmay Uganda [1]
      Effect of the eQuality health Bwindi scheme on utilisation of health services at Bwindi community hospital [1]
      The effects of enhanced access to antiretroviral therapy: a qualitative study of community perceptions in Kampala city, Uganda [1]
      The effects of socio-economic status on prevalence and intensity of schistosomiasis infection in walukuba division, jinja district, uganda. [1]
      Eligible but not tested: Missed Opportunities for TB Diagnosis Using GeneXpert MTB/RIF Assay in Health Centre IIIs, IVs and Hospitals in Tororo and Busia Districts in Uganda [1]
      An Empiric Risk Scoring Tool for Identifying High-Risk Heterosexual HIV-1–Serodiscordant Couples for Targeted HIV-1 Prevention [1]
      The epidemiology of hypertension in Uganda: Findings from the national non- communicable diseases risk factor survey [1]
      The epidemiology of tetanus in Busoga [1]
      Evaluation of bacterial contamination and label information of oral-liquid herbal medicinal products for cough in Makindye Division, Kampala District. [1]
      An evaluation of community led total sanitation in Molo Subcounty, Tororo District, Uganda [1]
      Evaluation of patients' response to treatment with highly active antiretroviral therapy at the Infectious Diseases Institute, Kampala. [1]
      Evaluation of the community based directly observed treatment for tuberculosis-short implimentation in Rukungiri district, Uganda [1]
      Evaluation of the outpatient therapeutic care programme for the management of severe malnutrition in children in Gulu District, Uganda. [1]