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    • Depression symptoms and cognitive function among individuals with advanced HIV infection initiating HAART in Uganda 

      Nakasujja, Noeline; Skolasky, Richard L.; Seggane, Musisi; Allebeck, Peter; Robertson, Kevin; Ronald, Allan; Katabira, Elly; Clifford, David B; Sacktor, Ned (BMC Psychiatry, 2010)
      Background: Among patients with HIV infection, depression is the most frequently observed psychiatric disorder. The presence of depressive symptoms and cognitive dysfunction among HIV patients has not been well studied in ...
    • HIV Subtype D Is Associated with Dementia, Compared with Subtype A, in Immunosuppressed Individuals at Risk of Cognitive Impairment in Kampala, Uganda 

      Sacktor, Ned; Nakasujja, Noeline; Skolasky, Richard L.; Rezapour, Mona; Robertson, Kevin; Musisi, Seggane; Katabira, Elly; Ronald, Allan; Clifford, David B.; Laeyendecker, Oliver; Quinn, Thomas C. (Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2009)
      Background. In the United States, clade B is the predominant human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) subtype, whereas in sub-Saharan Africa, clades A, C, and D are the predominant subtypes. HIV subtype may have an impact on ...
    • Second assessment of NeuroAIDS in Africa 

      Robertson, Kevin; Kopnisky, Kathy; Hakim, James; Concepta, Merry; Nakasujja, Noeline; Hall, Collin; Traore, Moussa; Sacktor, Ned; Clifford, David; Newton, Charles; Van Rie, Annelies; Holding, Penny; Clements, Janice; Zink, Christine; Mielke, Jens; Hosseinipour, Mina; Lalloo, Umesh; Amod, Farida; Marra, Christina; Evans, Scott; Jeff, Liner; Participants of the second Assessment of NeuroAIDS in Africa Conference (Informa Healthcare, 2008)
      In July of 2006, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Center for Mental Health Research on AIDS (CMHRA) sponsored the second conference on the Assessment of NeuroAIDS in Africa, which was held in Arusha, ...