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      30 day in-hospital patient mortality after ICU discharge and associated factors : a retrospective cohort study in selected tertiary hospitals in Kampala [1]
      Acceptance of routine counselling and testing for HIV among medical patients at Mulago Hospital casuality unit. [1]
      Access to anti-hypertensive and anti-diabetic medications amongst people living with HIV in Soroti District, Eastern Uganda [1]
      Access to mental health services by refugees in Imvepi Refugee Settlement, Arua District, Uganda [1]
      Accuracy of raepid tests as compared with field microscopy, for diagnosis of Malaria in adolescents and adult patients in Mulago Hospital [1]
      Adherence to infection control standards among surgical senior house officers in operating rooms of Mulago Hospital, Uganda [1]
      Administration patterns of magnesium sulphate for women with preeclampsia and immediate newborn outcomes in Kawempe National Referral Hospital [1]
      Allele-Specific Expression of Active TB in pediatric HIV individuals in Eswatini, Botswana and Uganda [1]
      Analysis of the effect of adjustments on the forecast accuracy of antiretroviral medicines in Uganda [1]
      Anthropometric Profile of Secondary School Pupils in Uganda: A case Study of Kampala and Kamuli Districts. [1]
      Antibacterial activity of selected medicinal plants used for the management of chicken diseases by poultry farmers in Najjembe Sub-County, Buikwe District, Uganda [1]
      Antibacterial Activity of Selected Medicinal Plants used to Prevent and treat Infections in Humans and Animals in Uganda. [1]
      Antibacterial activity of the root extracts of draceana laxissima and draceana fragrans on selected urinary tract pathogens [1]
      Antibacterial activity, safety and chemical composition of crude extracts of selected wild edible Marasmius species of Mushroom from central Uganda (a nested study) [1]
      Antimalarial drug levels in biological samples: methods and applications. [1]
      Antimicrobial self medication in post conflict northern Uganda: Implications on chloroquine and artemisinin genotypic resistance in the community [1]
      Antimicrobial susceptibility of 3rd generation Cephalosporins-resistant escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Enterobacter spp isolates carried in the gut of patients on admission to Mulago Hospital [1]
      Antiphospholipid antibodies and recurrent pregnancy loss among women seen at Mulago hospital: A matched case control study [1]
      Anxiety, depression and coping strategies among caregivers of children with mental retardation and those with acute illnesses: A Ugandan case study [1]
      Artemether-Lumefantrine versus Dihydroartemisinin-Piperaquine for treating uncomplicated malaria: a randomized trial to guide policy in Uganda [1]