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      Art and Gender: Imag[in]ing the new woman in contemporary Ugandan art, Book 1 [1]
      Art as a social practice: transforming lives using sculpture in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention in Uganda [2]
      Art in Uganda in the 20th century [1]
      Baganda Cultural Practices; Visual Narratives from Divination and Exorcism [1]
      Coding narratives associated with mnemonic objects: Embedding photographs with technologies for contemporary photography space [1]
      Coloured sculpture: an analytical visual study of the use of colour in sculpture: a guide to a practical study of the use of colour in sculpture in Uganda with special reference to Makerere University School of Fine Art [1]
      Contemporary Ganda Catholic visual art: an analysis of its transitions and manifestations [1]
      Contemporary Ugandan art and the ctrique on corruption? A look at Mutebi's strategies, symbolisms and symbols. [1]
      Deeply grounded in christianity: religious belief as evidenced in Francis Musangogwantamu's art practice [1]
      Designing sonko: an interactive game application exploring visual communication through user experience/user interface design based on child labour [1]
      Dr. Nabulime's new languages in art [1]
      Embodying social being [1]
      Evaluation of the quality of reinforcing steel bars manufactured in Uganda [1]
      Exploration and symbolic interpretation of alternative printing surfaces using the serigraphic printing technique. [1]
      Exploring wild animals as a subject using the relief printmaking technique. [1]
      Formal content in glass art [1]
      The formation of contemporary visual artists in Africa: Revisiting residency programmes. [1]
      The integration of monumental sculpture in landscapes: a case study of selected Kampala and Entebbe landscapes [1]
      An investigation into the performance of art and design students in Art history. The case of National Teachers’ College Mubende [1]
      Katarikawe coming back home [1]