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      Re(de)fining boundaries: on art, deafness and maternity in Uganda [1]
      Reclaiming women’s voices: fashion design inspired by princess Elizabeth Bagaaya’s biography as shaman in Sheena queen of the jungle. [1]
      The renaissance of contemporary art at Makerere University Art School [1]
      Repurposing sex appeal advertising style attributes for creative development of awareness campaign on behavioral change. [1]
      The role of sculptural forms as a communication tool in lives and experiences of women with HIV/AIDS in Uganda [1]
      Sculpting shs 50, critiquing the economy: Uganda’s legal tender as a resource for art-making and meaning-making. [1]
      Sculptural figures reflected on daily experiences: solo exhibition 24th June, 2011 till 21st August, 2011 [1]
      Social sustainability and the Ugandan Haute Couture Visual Aesthetic: articulating the contemporary value of past traditions. [1]
      Stabilization of heavily trafficked gravel roads using waste steel slag [1]
      A studio based exploration of metaphors in the art of drawing in Uganda [1]
      Studio experimentation of the use of charcoal in drawing [1]
      Tapestry expression inspired by selected bird species in Uganda [1]
      Tribal crafts of Uganda [1]
      Uganda's visual environment: development and change [2]
      A unique complexity [1]
      Unveiling mental health among the Ugandan adolescents through multimedia art; animating beyond William Kenbridge [1]
      Using communication design to enhance waste separation practices (Case study: Kampala Central Division and the new waste bins) [1]
      Visual manifestations of the Baganda concepts of “OBUSAWO BW’EKINNASI N’OBUYUNZI”. [1]
      A visual mixed media documentation of production and processing activities along the Shea value chain in Otuke District. [1]