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      Abortion in Uganda : the neglected dangers [1]
      Academic achievement of Ugandan sixth grade students: influence of parents’education levels [1]
      Adherence to antiretroviral treatment of HIV positive patients in Lira District, Northern Uganda [1]
      Airline delay time series differentials: Autoregressive integrated moving average model [1]
      Alcohol Attrition Rate and Associated Factors in Uganda: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach [1]
      Alcohol use among adults in Uganda: Findings from the countrywide non-communicable diseases risk factor cross-sectional survey [1]
      Analysis of attrition of business establishments in Uganda panel surveys [1]
      Analysis of dichotomous outcomes: a case study of constituency characteristics’ data in the 2006 general elections in Uganda [1]
      Analysis of epidemiological and clinical characteristics of Acute Flaccid Paralyses (AFP) cases in Uganda (1997 – 2004). [1]
      An analysis of factors determining voter turnout : a case study of Kampala Central Division [1]
      Analysis of financial sector national accounts: Emphasis on financial intermediation (1995-2009) [1]
      An analysis of pooled data for monitoring primary school pupils’ proficiency [1]
      Analysis of repeated measurements of HIV viral load as a continuous variable while accounting for missing values [1]
      Analysis of the factors that influence outcome of tuberculosis treatment using first line drugs in Uganda - Case study: Mbarara University Teaching Hospital and Mulago Hospital [1]
      Analysis of Viability of Core Inflation Components Based on Excluded Items in Uganda [1]
      An application of Data Mining Classification Techniques to Electricity Fraud Detection; A Case of Umeme (U) Ltd [1]
      Assessing differences in secondary school attendance before and after the introduction of universal secondary education in Uganda [1]
      Assessing differentials in modern contraceptive use among women in Uganda between 2000/1 and 2011: An application of the logit-based decomposition [1]
      Assessing factors associated with survival of cervical cancer patients in Kenya: a case of Nairobi county [1]
      Assessment of the effect of orphan-hood on secondary school attendance in Uganda [1]