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      Access of financial credit services to small scale commercial farmers in Uganda. A case of Bubaare Sub County, Mbarara District [1]
      The achievement of Foundation Hans Lindner for St. Joseph’s Aid Society in promoting education: A case study of Kiboga District-Uganda [1]
      Adequacy of tax revenue and the national budget deficit in Uganda before and after the tax reforms (1980-2008) [1]
      Adoption and impact of conservation agriculture among farming households in Kyankwanzi district, Uganda [1]
      Agricultural exports and economic growth in Uganda [1]
      Alternative banking channels; A case study of selected banks in Uganda [1]
      The analysis of effectiveness of bank credit as a funding alternative for SMEs in Kampala [1]
      Analysis of exchange rate volatility and covid-19 infection cases in Uganda [1]
      An analysis of financial inclusion in Uganda [1]
      Analysis of tax buoyancy in Uganda (1991-2016) [1]
      An Analysis of the Determinants of Export Performance of Developing Economies within the Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of SADC Member Countries (2001-2015) [1]
      An analysis of the efficiency of Uganda's public health care system: a case study of Health Centres III & IV in southwestern Uganda [1]
      Assessing the effect of gross domestic savings on domestic private investment in Africa. [1]
      Assessing the Effect of Idiosyncratic Shocks on Coping Mechanisms among Agricultural Households in Uganda [1]
      Assessing the impact of mobile money services on financial inclusion in Uganda [1]
      Assessment of the difference between the urban and rural consumer price index in Uganda (2005 – 2011) [1]
      Asymmetric effect of inflation on economic growth in Uganda [1]
      Asymmetric effect of renewable energy consumption on economic growth in Uganda [1]
      Asymmetric effects of fiscal policy on economic growth in Uganda: A nonlinear ardl approach [1]
      Asymmetric effects of foreign aid on economic growth in Uganda: a nonlinear ARDL approach [1]