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      E-Commerce platforms and SMEs adoption challenges and prospects: evidence from Uganda [1]
      Econometric Analysis of Linkages between Sector Output Growth, Human Development and Public Spending in Uganda [1]
      Economic growth and investment in Uganda [1]
      Economic growth in Uganda: the contribution of factor accumulation and total factor productivity growth [1]
      Economic valuation of Mabira forest: A contingent valuation method [1]
      Educational attainment, household education expenditure and learning outcomes in Uganda [1]
      The effect of access to finance on performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Uganda [1]
      Effect of agency banking on financial inclusion in Uganda: A case study of ABSA bank (formerly Barclays) [1]
      Effect of balance of trade on economic growth in Uganda (1985 -2016) [1]
      The effect of coffee exports on economic growth in Uganda [1]
      The effect of COMESA and the EAC on trade creation and diversion, export diversification, and growth of Uganda's economy [1]
      The Effect of Commercial Bank Lending Rates on Economic Growth in Uganda [1]
      The Effect of Corruption on Economic Growth in Uganda (2005-2016) [1]
      Effect of covid-19 pandemic on pupil enrollment in public primary schools in Uganda. [1]
      Effect of Devolution on Health Care Delivery in Kenya [1]
      The effect of electricity consumption on Uganda's economic growth [1]
      The Effect of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Uganda’s Export Performance [1]
      Effect of Exchange Rate Volatility on Uganda’s Trade Balance [1]
      Effect of Exchange Rates on Foreign Direct Investment in Uganda [1]
      Effect of Exchange Rates on the Value of Motor Vehicle Imports in Uganda (2000–2015) [1]