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      Addressing the challenges of the information and knowledge societies: the case for optimum curricullum in the SCECSAL Region [1]
      An adherence monitoring system in antiretroviral therapy [1]
      An adjustable usable security approach for a continuous user authentication scheme [1]
      Adoption of e-tax services in Uganda: the perspective of the technology acceptance model [1]
      Agricultural information system development for land use planning [1]
      Agro-meteorological knowledge management system for small scale farmers [1]
      Airtime to cash: unlocking the potential of Africa's mobile phones for banking the unbanked [1]
      Analysis of Free Haven anonymous storage and publication system [1]
      An analysis of transactions in service-centric systems [1]
      Anti-denial of service algorithm for Cognitive Radio Networks [1]
      Anticipated user experience (Aux) framework for implementing electronic participation in a developing country context [1]
      Application of business process modeling to improve accountability in Local Governments [1]
      Application of grid computing for on line learning resources [1]
      Application of information & communication technologies (ICTS) in Knowledge Manegement (KM): case studies of the Center for Basic Research Library and the Privatisation Unit Library in Uganda [1]
      Application of information and communication technology (ICT) in health information access and dissemination in Uganda [1]
      An application of system dynamics modeling to changes in construction projects [1]
      An application of system dynamics modeling to immunisation policy analysis [1]
      An application of system dynamics to monitor HIV disease progression in a resource limited setting [2]
      Applications of social media and Web 2.0 for research support in selected African academic institutions [1]
      Apprenticeship environment and co-operation based on the Grid and Web 2.0 designed for training communities with common interest centres [1]