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Bursary monitoring system: case study - Kenya High Commission in Uganda

dc.contributor.authorAmpaire, Lydia
dc.contributor.authorNamutebi, Sarah
dc.contributor.authorBirungi, Nice
dc.contributor.authorBabirye, Alice
dc.contributor.authorNeboshi, Esther
dc.contributor.authorKitimbo, Moses
dc.contributor.authorMakhaso, Chesoli Byron
dc.contributor.authorZawedde, Jennipher
dc.descriptionUndergraduate Projecten_US
dc.description.abstractThe project report was centered towards the development of a bursary monitoring system to regulate the expenses the KHC used to face in the distributing bursary to students in Ugandan universities. The bursary monitoring system guarantees that each beneficiary registers and is given specific duration at the university. The study started with the requirement analysis, study of the existing system, system analysis and design, implementation and system testing. This study is concerned with the design of monitoring systems that have direct relevance for the management of bursary distribution. This system provides, online application form, easy co-ordination between the Universities, main office and the Embassy. It enables the administrator to add a course and the University and also to remove the students who have completed studies from the database. The system gives the administrator the capability to grand or deny a bursary to the applicants online. For proper monitoring and minimal losses, the administrators should enter the correct duration and amount money allocated to different courses.en_US
dc.subjectOnline information systemen_US
dc.titleBursary monitoring systemen_US
dc.titleBursary monitoring system: case study - Kenya High Commission in Uganda
dc.typeThesis, undergraduateen_US

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