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    • Case study - Property rights: access to land and forest resources in Uganda 

      Gombya-Ssembajjwe, William S.; Abwoli, Y. Banana; Bahati, Joseph (Oxford University Press, 2001)
      Property rights influence the incentives and the behavior of individuals within a community with respect to rules that each and every person must observe in his/her interactions with other people (Hallowell 1943; Bromley ...
    • The ecological changes of Echuya afromontane bamboo forest, Uganda 

      Abwoli, Y. Banana; Tweheyo, M. (East African Wild Life Society., 2001)
      Echuya forest reserve was gazetted in 1939 and was then mainly a bamboo forest with very few hardwood trees. However, the current ecological situation shows that hardwood trees are replacing bamboo. This study analysed the ...
    • Transmission of viral RNA and DNA to maize kernels by vascular puncture inoculation 

      Redinbaugh, Margaret G.; Louie, Raymond; Ngwira, Patricia; Edema, Richard; Gordon, Donald T.; Bisaro, David M. (Elsevier Science, 2001)
      Vascular puncture inoculation (VPI) is an effective technique for transmission of maize viruses without using arthropods or other biological vectors. It involves using a jeweler’s engraving tool to push minuten pins through ...