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    • Cerebral malaria in children is associated with long-term cognitive impairment 

      Chandy, C. John; Bangirana, P.; Byarugaba, Justus; Opoka, Robert O.; Idro, Richard; Jurek, Anne M.; Wu, Baolin; Boivin, Michael John (2008)
      OBJECTIVE. Cerebral malaria affects 785 000 African children every year. We previously documented an increased frequency of cognitive impairment in children with cerebral malaria 6 months after their initial malaria ...
    • Cognitive impairment after cerebral malaria in children: a prospective study 

      Boivin, Michael J.; Bangirana, Paul; Byarugaba, Justus; Opoka, Robert O.; Idro, Richard; Jurek, Anne M.; Chandy, C. John (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2007-01-15)
      OBJECTIVE. This study was conducted to assess prospectively the frequency of cognitive deficits in children with cerebral malaria. METHODS. Cognitive testing in the areas of working memory, attention, and learning was ...
    • Socioeconomic predictors of cognition in Ugandan children: implications for community interventions 

      Bangirana, Paul; John, C. Candy; Idro, Richard; Opoka, Robert O.; Byarugaba, Justus; Jurek, Anne M.; Boivin, Michael J. (Public Library of Science, 2009)
      Background: Several interventions to improve cognition in at risk children have been suggested. Identification of key variables predicting cognition is necessary to guide these interventions. This study was conducted to ...