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      A scalable relational database model for cloud computing. [1]
      School contextual factors, talent management, teacher competency and student engagement in private secondary schools in Naddangira zone, Busiro North Wakiso District. [1]
      Screening of parental cassava genotypes and generated partial inbreds for resistance to cassava brown streak disease in Uganda [1]
      Sculptural forms derived from mushrooms. [1]
      Selection strategy for developing maize inbred lines with drought and disease resistance in Uganda. [1]
      Serotypes of foot and mouth disease virus in African buffaloes and cattle in Queen Elizabeth National Park. [1]
      Serum transforming growth factor beta in endomyocardialo fibrosis patients and healthy Ugandan individuals [1]
      Sexual orientation and the law: A case study of homosexuals in Kampala District. [1]
      Small area estimation techniques: focus on under-five mortality data in Uganda [1]
      Small area estimation techniques: focus on under-five mortality data in uganda [1]
      Social capital, joint liability and re-payment performance: The case of Pride Micro Finance in Bugiri District. [1]
      Social-cultural factors influencing continued breastfeeding among PMTCT program mothers: a case of mothers in Buyaga County, Kibaale District. [1]
      Societal construction of masculinity and femininity as portrayed in kirundi proverbs [1]
      The socio-economic conditions of Banyarwanda Refugees in Mbarara District since 1959. [1]
      Solid waste management in Soroti Municipality [1]
      Some pharmacological effects of the leaf extracts of vernonia lasiopus and maesa lanceolata: plants traditionally used to treat common ailments in humans in East Africa [1]
      Sonographic scoring for operating room triage in trauma; accuracy for therapeutic laparotomy among blunt abdominal trauma patients in Mulago Hospital. [1]
      Spatial and seasonal dynamics of rangeland herbage: An integration of proxy and direct monitoring approaches . [1]
      The stabilization of the initial product of the pentacyanidonitrosylferrate(ii)-sulphide reaction and its spectrophotometric application. [1]
      Stamp duty administration and revenue performance in Uganda [1]