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      Better precipitation and evaporation estimate to improve Lake Victoria water balance [1]
      Calorific characterization of faecal sludge and its use as fuel: A case study of Kampala [1]
      Capacity utilization of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) water supply system in Northern Uganda: a case study of Arua Municipality [1]
      Causes and impacts of construction disputes in the Ugandan road construction sector. [1]
      Challenges of subsurface drainage of urban roads in low lying areas : A materials perspective [1]
      A comparative analysis of the potential of robust coding schemes in emerging wireless technologies [1]
      Construction management functions in public buildings in Uganda: A case study of Rwenzori region local governments. [1]
      Crest factor reduction in an OFDM/ WiMAX network [1]
      Design and development of a mobile application system for accessing suspect information using fingerprint recognition. [1]
      Development of a decision support tool for certification of road contracts in Uganda: a case study of the Central Region [1]
      Development of a decision support tool for certification of road contracts in Uganda: A case study of the Central Region. [1]
      Development of a synchronous sequential logic iLab [1]
      Development of a university based business incubation model for CEDAT [1]
      The effect of environmental factors and traffic volume on the performance of low-volume labour-based roads [1]
      The effect of using upgraded biogas on generator performance [1]
      Effect of Wastewater from Kampala Industrial and Business Park on Bukasa Swamp Water. [1]
      End user design and implementation of a fleet maintenance management system for Uganda National Forestry Authority. [1]
      Enhancement of skills for ground water development in Uganda [1]
      Estimation of the California Bearing Ratio for lateritic soils based on compaction characteristics [1]
      Evaluating the effectiveness of the rehabilitation and maintenance planning system (ramps) for district roads in Uganda [1]