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      Land use and transport planning in the Greater Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Landslide susceptibility analysis using fuzzy analytical hierarchical process and GIS in Kasese district. [1]
      Landuse and transport planning in the Greater Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Low cost sealing of Ekayu and Pamba roads under the Uganda Road Fund - in Soroti City [1]
      Low-cost sealing of 1.2 km of Agoro Trading Centre roads, Agoro sub-county, Lamwo District. [1]
      Mapping the land cover changes in the Mabira forest using satelite imagery. [1]
      Masters (Plan B) project field report on the beautification of Rwebikoona open yard in Mbarara City [1]
      Masters (Plan B) project field report on the construction of Management Training And Advisory Centre (MTAC)-Ntungamo Campus [1]
      Modeling non-point source pollution in Lake Victoria: A case of Gaba landing site [1]
      Modeling the influence of urban change on household access to electricity in Suleja local government area of Niger State, Nigeria [1]
      Modelling habitat suitability of bee species under changing climate and land use land cover [1]
      Modelling of land use and land cover to predict future water demand and inform infrastructural planning in the Kampala Water Service Area of National Water and Sewerage Corporation [1]
      Modelling of Nickel Ore deposit in Opia village [1]
      Monitoring spatial-temporal changes of urban land transition using remote sensing : a case study of Lira Municipality [1]
      Monitoring the spatial-temporal drought events and their impact on the productivity of selected major crops in Uganda [1]
      A moralist theory and the persistence of street vending : the case study of Kampala City - Uganda [1]
      Pattern driven data interoperability in situation awareness systems : a case of the Disaster Community in Uganda [1]
      The pattern language approach as a bridge connecting formal and informal urban planning practices in Africa [1]
      People’s perception of urban tourism facilities in Uganda : a case study of the source of the River Nile - Jinja city council [1]
      Periodic maintenance of selected roads in Bulambuli Town Council and graveling of roads in Bunambutye Resettlement Area in Bulambuli District Local Government Project Report [1]