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      A comparative assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of local and foreign road contractors in project management in Uganda [1]
      A comparative study of the efficacy of super cereal, vegetable oil and sugar combination vs plumpy sup in treatment of moderate acute malnutrition in Acholi Region, Uganda [1]
      Comparison of three performance prediction methods for bituminous road infrastructure [1]
      Competence, reflective and organisational learning, organisational commitment, task performance and organisational citizenship behavior: a case study in Bank of Uganda [1]
      Completion rate of road construction projects in Tanzania: A case study of Ruvuma Region [1]
      Contract management and value for money in the public sector: A case of Uganda Electricity and Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) [1]
      Contribution of human resource information systems to human resource management: A case study of Postbank Uganda [1]
      Contributory factors for delays in Uganda government funded construction projects [1]
      Corporate governance in private sector organizations: A case study of Private Sector Foundation Uganda [1]
      Corporate social responsibility: a competitive strategy for small and medium-sized enterprises in Uganda [1]
      Cost overruns on public building construction projects in Uganda [1]
      Credit Risk Management and Performance of Financial Institutions in Uganda: A Case Study of Housing Finance Bank, Kampala Branch [1]
      Credit risk management in commercial banks: a case of Tropical Bank Uganda Limited [1]
      Credit risk management on the performance of financial institutions in Uganda: A case study of commercial banks in Uganda [1]
      Credit risk management practices in financial institutions in uganda and how it affects bank performance [1]
      A Critical Analysis of Social Security for the Informal Sector in Uganda: A Case of National Social Security Fund [1]
      A critical examination of the budgeting procedures and budget execution in Uganda Local Governments: The case of Kabale District [1]
      Critical success factors of Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Uganda: A case study of Rift Valley Railways and Bujagali Hydropower Dam Project [1]
      Current arrangements of financing capital maintenance of rural water supply schemes in Uganda: A case study of water supply schemes in Otuke District [1]
      Customer brand loyalty in the telecommunication sector in Uganda [1]