So Oral Language Documentation Project This corpus is an oral documentation of So (also known as Tepeth), a highly endangered language in Eastern Uganda in Karamoja region. Its ID code is: ISO-639-3 teu. The corpus consists of word lists, phrase lists, audio recordings, and video recordings of the So language. These were compiled to serve as a source of data for description of the language in a bid to revitalize it. Also, it was envisaged that the data can be used for general reference about the language. Below is an outline of the items in the corpus. 1) 7 word lists- English words and their equivalents in So. 2) 4 phrase lists - English sentences and their equivalents in So. 3) Audios - 8 songs, 1 set of count numbers, 2 dialogues, 5 personal experiences, 1 set of formulaic expressions (e.g. how to pray), 18 narratives, 7 procedural discourses, and 6 testimonies. 4) Videos - 8 dances, 1 drama, 4 songs, 8 descriptions of artefacts, 2 dialogues, 1 exhortation, 2 personal experiences (e.g. how to greet), 4 procedural discourses, and 8 testimonies. 5) Photographs of So speakers, places, and artefacts. The corpus was compiled by the following team of researchers: - Principal investigator (Makerere University): Celestino Oriikiriza Co-investigators (Makerere University): Fridah Katushemererwe, Michael Wangotta, Luke Francis Kiwanuka, Deo Kawalya. Collaborators: - Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL, Entebbe): Richard Nzogi, Michael Angunda, Gift Asiku, Maria Stolen. Achva Academic College (Israel): Sigal Uziel-Karl. The project started in December 2019 and ended in December 2020. We thank our informants in Moroto, Napak, and Nakapiripirit. Also, we thank our contact persons, in the districts above, particularly Michael Lokawua (Moroto), and all other people who supported the project in one way or another. We are grateful to you for your efforts. The project was sponsored by Government of Uganda through Makerere University Research and Innovations Fund (Mak RIF). This project aims at compiling a corpus (database) of So, one of the critically endangered languages in Uganda. The corpus will serve as a repository for the language’s full documentation.

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