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  • Martin Luther Nsibirwa, Katikiro (Prime minister) of Buganda, M.B.E, (Member of the Order of the British Empire), 1929-1941 and July 1945- Sept. 1945 

    Photo acquired through donation by Oweekitibwa (Hon.) Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa, the Omuwanika (treasurer) for Obwakabaka bwa Buganda (Kingdom of Buganda). (2021)
    A hall formerly named after Sir Geoffrey Northcote, K.C.M.G. a former Chairperson of Makerere University Council was renamed after the former murdered Katikiro of Buganda, Martin Luther Nsibirwa. Earlier on, specifically, ...
  • The war victim 

    Nnagenda, Francis (1981)
    Prof. Nnagenda found that a part of the tree had fallen down, close to the Art School. This tree is called Mukebu in luganda, mugomati in other places and the scientific name is, Cordia Africana. One of the lecturers had ...
  • Boundless Knowledge 

    Staff from Margaret Trowel school of Fine Art and Design (2017)
    The two-dimensional artwork is a symbol of an Ivory Tower representing Makerere University and its status as a leading institution for academic excellence and Innovations in Africa.
  • Makerere University Main Building 

    Unknown author (1941)
    This was the Makerere University main building before the fire outbreak .
  • The elephant 

    Unknown author (2011)
    Lumumba has a symbol of the elephant because the hall was big, so students referred to it as a big republic, and thus the elephant land, since the elephant symbolizes gigantic features. This monument is located at Makerere ...
  • The last Judgement 

    Rev.Dr. Kefa, Ssempagi (1965)
    This is located in Mitchel Dining Hall.
  • May flower 

    Unknown author (1620)
    This is located at Makerere University main library in the University Librarian office and most probably it was a gift to the library by earlier visitors or Librarians from Europe.
  • The Rat 

    Odonga, BIFA Student (2005)
    This monument is located at Makerere University Mitchel Hall.
  • Canticle of the Sun (Enjuba n’emunyenye in Ganda language, Uganda) 

    Jonathan Kingdon, Lecturer, Margaret Trowell School of Fine Art (1960)
    The painting is a reflection of the poem written by St. Francis of Assisi, a catholic saint, in 1211 .
  • Picture of Mary Stuart 

    Unknown author (1952)
    Picture of Mrs Mary Stuart, who was the wife of Bishop Cyril Simon Stuart, Bishop of Uganda, Burundi and Boga Zaire from 1932-1952. Both Bishop and Mary Stuart were missionaries from the Church Missionary Society, United ...
  • The Bust of the 1st president of Tanzania, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. 

    Unknown author (2013-06-29)
    This monument is made of concrete, it was unveiled by H.E. Yoweri. K. Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda.
  • The Golden Jubilee monument ( Hatching a new generation) 

    George Kakooza (1943)
    This monument is made of copper, brass, steel and concrete and it is located at the science roundabout. It was commissioned in early 1970s for the golden jubilee, completed during the platinum jubilee,1997.
  • Prof. William Senteza Kajubi Monument. 

    Unknown author (2010)
    Monument unveiled in recognition of 60 years of Prof. Senteza Kajubi’s exemplary service to education as a teacher, teacher trainer, administrator of tertiary institutions and education policy advisor.
  • Struggle for Justice in Africa Monument. 

    Mr. Anguyo John Bosco (2018)
    This is a sculpture where a female form is being upheld holding a weighing scale. The scale symbolizes justice.
  • Ladies Home. 

    Unknown author (2000)
    This mosaic is located at Africa Hall Reception and it depicts a modern ardoned African lady with cornrows, earrings and necklace.
  • Counseling and Guidance Center Monument. 

    Mulondo (2012)
    This Monument is located at Counseling and Guidance Center Makerere University. It is made out of found metal and concrete and it is the work of Mulondo a student around 2012/13.
  • East African School Of Library and Information Science Mosaic. 

    Makonzi (1968)
    This is the East African School of Library and Information Science Mosaic.
  • Bacteriophage 

    Israelis (1973)
    The Vet dome was part of the former faculty of veterinary medicine building. It was intended to hold the tank that supplies water to the building. However two floors were never constructed. It is located at COVAB
  • Women Worriors. 

    Odama Jacob (2012)
    This Wall hanging is located at the ground floor of the Makerere University Main Library.
  • Local Fish Dish 

    Ifee Francis Xavier. (2011)
    This Wall hanging is located at level 2, Makerere University Main Library.

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