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    • Abaana bato turi ndangaro 

      Tusasirwe, Molly (2010-06-04)
      The song talks about Ndangaro Primary School.
    • Abafumbo mwebare 

      Tibenderana, Frank (2010-08-17)
      The song congratulates the married people for the perseverance within their relationships.
    • Abakristo Mwena Musiime Ruranga 

      Mugisha, Allen (2010-06-12)
      The song is about Christians and how they should trust in God.
    • Abakunda Yesu Nimwite 

      Milton, Owakubariho (2010-06-16)
      The song talks about the life of Jesus from birth to resurrection.
    • Abakwe Bija 

      Unknown author (2010-06-12)
      The song talks about that the grooms men have come.
    • Abakyala B'Entunguka 

      Korutaro, Elivalda (2010-06-05)
      The song talks about encouraging women to work hard.
    • Abakyala Tmimukire Hamwe 

      Korutaro, Elivaida (2010-06-05)
      The song says "Let all women rise up and develop our group".
    • Abakyara b'ebiro ebi 

      Korutalo, Elivaida (2010-06-05)
      The song is encouraging women to join clubs.
    • Abakyara twine entunguuka 

      Ruhotora, Joy (2010-08-12)
      This song hails the development of women in Rubaya.
    • Abarungi Nimwerugireyo 

      Nyabutono, Juliet (2010-06-05)
      The song talks about Kashenyi village as a place where they welcome beautiful people.
    • Abarungi nimwerugireyo 

      Nyabutono, Juliet (2012-01-02)
      It is a welcome song performed when welcoming visitors at social functions.
    • Abaryana Mwena Mwije Tuze Owa Yesu 

      Mugisha, Allen (2010-06-12)
      The song is about Jesus' return on earth.
    • Abiri 

      Madira, Kennedy (2011-05-08)
      The song talks about Famine.
    • Abiri 

      Ma'dira, Kennedy (2011-05-08)
      The song is about the famine which hit Arua District in 2008/9.
    • Abiri Ede Moyo Nidri Da Kuyo 

      Anyama, Amu Luke (2010-06-14)
      The song talks about hunger striking Moyo people.
    • Aboojo baragaine 

      Kyompaire, Allen (2010-10-24)
      The song is meant to accompany enjogyera.
    • Adam Na Haawa 

      Faith, Kyarikunda (2010-06-16)
      The song talks about Adam and Eve and how they sinned against God in the garden of Eden.
    • Adam Ori Nkahi 

      Nasaasira, Judith (2010-06-09)
      The talks about "where Adam is".
    • Adjumani kotu Uganda 

      Kiwanza boys itirikwa (2010-06-07)
      The song is a praise song.
    • Adjumani kotura 

      Kiwanza boys itirikwa (2010-06-07)
      The song is about the development of Adjumani.