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    • Electricity theft in Kampala and potential ICT solutions 

      Mbabazi-Mutebi, Ruth; Sansa-Otim, Julianne; Sebitosi, Ben; Okou, Richard (SPRINGER LNICST 147, 2014)
      Electricity theft is the main source of non-technical losses in electricity distribution utilities. This paper presents data from an ongoing research to study the causes of electricity theft in Kampala, Uganda and people’s ...
    • Towards a persuasive technology for electricity theft reduction in Uganda 

      Mbabazi-Mutebi, Ruth; Sansa-Otim, Julianne; Sebitosi, Ben (Springer LNICST 250, 2017)
      Technology for changing attitude and behaviour, known as persuasive technology, has been applied to solve many challenges, ranging from personal health and finance, to environmental sustainability. In this paper, ...