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      Enhancement of skills for ground water development in Uganda [1]
      Estimation of the California Bearing Ratio for lateritic soils based on compaction characteristics [1]
      Evaluating the effectiveness of the rehabilitation and maintenance planning system (ramps) for district roads in Uganda [1]
      Evaluation of contract management practices of road rehabilitation and maintenance works in Kanungu, Rukungiri and Kabale Districts [1]
      Evaluation of damage caused to road structural pavements by utility service providers: A case study of Kampala [1]
      Evaluation of human/afterbirth placenta waste management effectiveness and selection of the best treatment technology using AHP in Kampala health units [1]
      Evaluation of optimum use of pozzolan aggregates in road bituminous mixtures using the marshall-mix design method [1]
      Evaluation of sedimentation in run-off-river for hydroelectric power development in the western region of Uganda [1]
      Evaluation of the extent of ICT use in the building industry in Uganda [1]
      Evaluation of the quality of reinforcing steel bars manufactured in Uganda [1]
      An evaluation of the road users' perception about pedestrian crossing in Kampala city. [1]
      Evaluation of the viability of dehydrating the beer using calcium oxide for economical production of ethanol [1]
      Evaluation of thermal comfort of naturally ventilated residential buildings in the informal settlements in Kampala city, Uganda. [1]
      Evaluation of waste minimization alternatives for the galvanizing production process: A case study of Uganda Baati Limited [1]
      Examination of the quantity surveyor’s involvement in project execution with respect to cost control. A case study of Sama Plaza on Plot 4 Kyadondo Road [1]
      Exploitation of Cocoa Pod husks for rural electricity production - towards a sustainable cocoa value chain in Uganda. [1]
      Exploration and symbolic interpretation of alternative printing surfaces using the serigraphic printing technique. [1]
      Exploration of the Ganda-mat as an inspiration for hand-loom weaving. [1]
      An exploratory analysis of climate variability and its effects on community resilience in Nabiswera sub-county Nakasongola district-Uganda. [1]
      Exploring the gaps in construction and infrastructure planning in Uganda-case study Kampala northern bypass. [1]