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      A report on detailed engineering design and monitoring of low cost sealing of up to 1.0 KM Bukedea-Kidongole Road from Gravel to Bituminous Standard in Bukedea Town Council, Bukedea District [1]
      A report on NUSAF 3 implementation status in Kole District Uganda [1]
      Report on the construction of Kyoga water management zone office block in Mbale. [1]
      Report on the Re-development of the new taxi park, in Kampala district. [1]
      Report pertaining to the project management aspects of time, cost and quality; a case study of construction of the Specialized maternal and neonatal health care unit project in Mulago Hospital (SMNHUP). [1]
      Reverse logistics system and recycling potential at a landfill: A case study from Kampala City [1]
      Role of curing time and compactivite effort in stabilization of in-situ road gravel using lime and natural pozzolana [1]
      The role of sculptural forms as a communication tool in lives and experiences of women with HIV/AIDS in Uganda [1]
      The role of urban planning and design in the prevention of crime in Kampala City: A Case study of Kabalagala Commercial District [1]
      Sculptural figures reflected on daily experiences: solo exhibition 24th June, 2011 till 21st August, 2011 [1]
      Short-term load forecasting for Uganda’s transmission network [1]
      Site evaluation for new eco towns using GIS and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP): a case study Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area (GKMA) [1]
      Spatial Analysis of Cervical Cancer and the Correlated factors in Uganda. [1]
      Spatial and topological characterization of road traffic accidents in Rwanda [1]
      Stabilization of heavily trafficked gravel roads using waste steel slag [1]
      Statistical modelling of extreme floods in Central and Southern Uganda. [1]
      Strength characterisation of timbers for building construction in Uganda [1]
      A studio based exploration of metaphors in the art of drawing in Uganda [1]
      Studio experimentation of the use of charcoal in drawing [1]
      A study of human resource management and performance in Uganda Construction Industry [1]