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      Leadership challenges in enhancing food hygiene and safety in urban communities: a case study of Mbale municipality. [1]
      Leadership challenges in improving service delivery in the public sector: A case study of the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Uganda [1]
      The leadership challenges in Micro-Finance Institutions in empowerment of women: A case of FINCA Katwe-Butego Division, Masaka District between 1992 to 2008. [1]
      The leadership contribution of womenpersonnel in national security: A case study of Uganda's People Defence Forces (1999-2007) [1]
      Leadership in the area [1]
      Leadership of women and their economic empowerment in Uganda: A case study of Uganda Women Entrepreneur Association Limited [1]
      Leadership role in promoting youth participation in educational policy making: A case study of selected schools in Wakiso district [1]
      The leadership role of forum for women in democracy (FOWODE) in the development of democracy in Uganda [1]
      Leadership roles on the development of sports in Uganda: A case study of the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) 1924-2011 [1]
      Leadership wrangles in the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council and its impact on the development of Islam in Uganda, 1972-2008 [1]
      The legal framework for addressing the refuge problem in Uganda: Strengths and weaknesses [1]
      Legislative promotion of socioeconomic human rights in Uganda through the budget process [1]
      Lexical and grammatical functions of tone in relation to its background factors : a case of Payira variety of Acoli [1]
      Liberalisation of agricultural markets, livelihood patterns and gender relations in Central Uganda: The case of Ntenjeru Sub County, Mukono District [1]
      Life then: Among the So [1]
      Life then: Community wellbeing [1]
      Life then: Insecurity [1]
      Lifestyle and Health:Understanding the prevalence of hypertension among the elderly persons in Kiruddu Referral Hospital, Kampala District [1]
      Limits of translatability of language and cultural specificities: A case study of a translation of Runyoro-Rutooro folktales, proverbs and poems into English [1]
      Linguistic expressions related to communicating COVID-19 Pandemic in Runyankore-Rukiga [1]