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      Affirmative action policies and women’s access to land: A study of Mpunge Sub County, Mukono District [1]
      'African sex is dangerous!' Renegotiating 'ritual sex' in contemporary Masaka district. [1]
      AGOA policy awareness and its impact on the agro processing and marketing industry in Uganda: A case of Wakiso farmers’ associations. [1]
      The agrarian question and the role of women as chief agricultural producers in Africa: the case of Uganda [1]
      The agrarian sector and economic development in Tanzania. [2]
      Agricultural change: compulsion in the implementation agricultural policies: a case study from Iringa [2]
      Agricultural Extension Services and Food Security in Abim District [1]
      Alcohol use and addiction: The moderating role of psychological stress [1]
      Ambivalence surrounding elderly widows’ sexuality in urban Uganda. [1]
      An analysis of credit line model of distributing essential medicines in Public Health Facilities in Nebbi district [1]
      An analysis of human rights violations arising from delays in disposing of criminal cases in the High Court of Uganda [1]
      Analysis of psychosocial support for children in post conflict Gulu District: A case study of Bobi Sub County [1]
      Analysis of rural landuse in Sheema District: A case study of Shuuku Sub-County [1]
      An analysis of the Agro-industry in Uganda and its role in economic development [2]
      An analysis of the challenges of implementing the community based maintenance system of rural water facilities: a case of Ngando Sub County, Mpigi District [1]
      An analysis of the demand for sugar in East Africa [1]
      An analysis of the female images portrayed in Rukiga Proverbs [1]
      An analysis of the mechanisms for resolution of land conflicts in Teso Sub-region, Uganda [1]
      Are HIV unaware persons the hidden population at high risk of HIV infection or re-infection in Uganda [1]
      Artificial birth control methods: A threat to human life and morality among the Catholic married couples [1]