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      State obligation: assessing the impact of article 4 of the UN convention on the rights of oersons with disabilities on the promotion and protection of the rights of PWDS in Uganda 2008-2016 [1]
      State ‘sovereignty’ and the role of the International Criminal Court’s responsibility to protect in Uganda [1]
      Stigma, HIV/AIDS treatment seeking behavior among youth living with HIV in Kampala City, Uganda [1]
      Stigma, Perception of obesity and depression among Overweight/Obese Adolescent Secondary School Students in Kampala – Uganda. [1]
      Stigmatization, Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and depression among epileptic adolescents [1]
      Strategic human resources management practices, leadership style, and employee empowerment [1]
      Street children and criminality: a security perspective in Kampala City, A Case Study of Nakivubo Chanel [1]
      Stress, alcohol- nicotine use comorbidity and depression among out-patients in Butabika Mental Referral Hospital, Uganda [1]
      Stress, coping strategies and self-esteem among adolescents in secondary schools in Kampala [1]
      Stressors, coping strategies, anxiety and depression among mental health proffessionals [1]
      Structural Adjustment in Africa: How Can We Do it Better, How Can We Improve It? [2]
      Students’ attitudes towards pornography, sexual attitudes, and sexual practices2009 [1]
      A study of cross border crimes : a case study of Malaba town [1]
      A study on socio-economic and institutional factors affecting income generating activities among refugees in Uganda: a case of Nakivale Settlement [1]
      Style and dramatic achievement in John Ruganda’s drama. [1]
      Subjective Experiences of Crises in Family Members of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders attending a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Clinic at Butabika National Mental Referral Hospital [1]
      Subsistence accounting and development planning in Africa. [2]
      Substance abuse and their social effects on adolescents in Uganda: A study of secondary school students in Nakawa Division, Kampala District [1]
      Substance abuse and their social effects on adolescents in Uganda: a study of secondary school students in Nakawa division, Kampala district [1]
      Success story [1]