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      Sensitized women as a development strategy: the Uganda case [2]
      Settlement and resettlement experience from Uganda’s National parks, game reserves and forest reserves [2]
      Social anthropology and history: a study of anthropological and historical methods of investigation with special reference to Kiganda Royal system of succession [2]
      Social issues in the prevention of perinatal and neonatal morbidity and mortality. [2]
      Some aspects of changes in Kenya's import structure. [1]
      Some aspects of credit in the Kenya settlement schemes [2]
      Some of the cultural values and practices that matter in Uganda. [1]
      Some practical and theoretical problems of general ability testing at the African standard six level in Southern Rhodesia. [2]
      Some problems of comparative political analysis in Africa [2]
      The sources and consequences of economic instability in Africa [2]
      Structural Adjustment in Africa: How Can We Do it Better, How Can We Improve It? [2]
      Subsistence accounting and development planning in Africa. [2]
      The teaching and research of industrial sociology in an African University: problems and prospects. [3]
      Technology among petty commodity producers: The case of Katwe metal workers. [1]
      Temporal consciousness in African belief and ideology. [2]
      Understanding benefactor and beneficiary: protest stories in Nakivale Camp. [2]
      Voluntarism and nature conservation in Uganda [2]
      War and the debt burden in the Great Lakes region [2]
      Welfare and the East African common market: some observations [2]
      Women's careers in low income areas as indicators of country and town dynamics [3]