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      Planning methods for agriculture in less-developed countries. [2]
      Political generations in Bukoba :1890-1939. [2]
      Popular resistance in Tanzania: lessons from Sungu Sungu [2]
      Poverty and poverty alleviation programmes: the experience of Uganda [2]
      The Pre-colonial Social Formation among the Bakenhe Fishing Community of Lake Kyoga region of Uganda, 1800- 1894. [2]
      The "premise of inequality" in Rwanda: A critique. [1]
      Problems and issues of development in Asia : general review [2]
      Projected changes in urban and rural population in Kenya and the implications for development policy [2]
      Protecting the rights of rural women [2]
      Rain making rites in Ihanzu [2]
      Reflection on the character of the Sudanese state and the making of a dominant power bloc [2]
      Refugees and Politics in Uganda [2]
      The role of indigenous music in African education [2]
      Secondary schools as agents of socialization for national goals [2]
      Sensitized women as a development strategy: the Uganda case [2]
      Settlement and resettlement experience from Uganda’s National parks, game reserves and forest reserves [2]
      Social anthropology and history: a study of anthropological and historical methods of investigation with special reference to Kiganda Royal system of succession [2]
      Social issues in the prevention of perinatal and neonatal morbidity and mortality. [2]
      Some aspects of changes in Kenya's import structure. [1]
      Some aspects of credit in the Kenya settlement schemes [2]