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      Humanitarian assistance and its implication on the integration of refugees in Uganda: Some observations. [1]
      An impact evaluation of a micro community-based project: a case study of Nyabushozi County, Mbarara District [2]
      Implementation of curriculum reform and its implications: The case of Kenya. [1]
      Improving the management of sexual maturation at primary schools: information needs from the perspective of Ugandan school children [2]
      Indigenizing religious names [2]
      Individualization of common wetlands in Uganda and the role of changing economic opportunities: a case study of Igogero Wetland, Iganga District [2]
      The integration of refugees into Uganda's education system [2]
      Labour problems in the economic and social development of Zambia [2]
      Land law and land law policy in Eastern Africa [2]
      Land tenure, access to land, and agricultural development in Uganda. [2]
      The livestock industry: its changing pattern in subsistence farming and East African development. [1]
      Local finances system and the feasibility of its decentralization [2]
      Making sense of the Uganda-Rwanda armed conflict in the Democractic Republic of Congo (DRC) [2]
      Managing planned development: Tanzania's experience [2]
      Modern fisheries and its impact on access to and common property management [2]
      Monetary expansion in an East African economic development [2]
      The monkey clan in Buganda [1]
      The myth of female submission: economic activities of Luo women in Namuwongo-Wabigalo [2]
      On the Nyoro concept of Mahano. [2]
      An overview on the small scale industry sector [2]