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      Farmer selection of bio-physical diversity for agricultural land uses in dissected highland plateaus of Mbarara, Uganda [2]
      Farmers preferences and market integration of cowpea in Uganda [1]
      Farmers' adoption of rotational woodlot technology in Kigorobya Sub-County of Hoima District, Western Uganda [1]
      Farmers' perception of the relevance of agricultural technologies under Plan for Modernization of Agriculture in Uganda [1]
      Farmers' perception of the soil fertility status in Tororo District, Eastern Uganda [2]
      Farmers’ Attitudes Towards On-Farm Cultivation of Indigenous Fruit Trees in Adwari Sub-County, Lira District, Uganda [1]
      Farmers’ experiences and reflections during the Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E) process of the National Agricultural Advisory Services in Uganda [1]
      Farmers’ vulnerability and adaptation to climate change around Queen Elizabeth National Park- Uganda [2]
      Farmers’ willingness to pay for irrigation water: The case of Doho rice irrigation scheme in Eastern Uganda [1]
      Farmers’ willingness to pay for virus-free sweet potato vines in Central Uganda: A case of Mpigi and Wakiso Districts [1]
      Feasibilty of zein proteins, simple sequence repeats and phenotypic traits for background selection in quality protein maize breeding [1]
      Field ploughing performance evaluation of the Mulimi multi-purpose vehicle [1]
      Financial efficiency of improved fallow agroforestry technology for bean production in Kakooge Sub-county, Nakasongola District, Uganda [1]
      Firewood consumption around Budongo forest reserve in western Uganda [1]
      First national plant genetic resources workshop: conservation and utilization (9-11, November 1992) [1]
      Fish and water provisioning to the local communities by Naigombwa Wetland in Iganga District, Uganda [1]
      Fish migrations in Lake Edward-Ishasha River water systems in Virunga and Queen Elizabeth National Parks [1]
      Flood risk induced relocation in urban areas. Case studies of Bwaise and Natete, Kampala [1]
      Food safety legislations in international trade: The obstacles for the export the export of aquaculture products [1]
      Forest conservation practices of communities living around Mabira Forest Reserve, Uganda [1]