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      Analysis of costs associated with control of banana xanthomonas wilt (BXW) in Mukono and Luwero Districts, Uganda [1]
      Analysis of drought tolerance in selected upland rice genotypes in Uganda [1]
      Analysis of Tamarindus (Tamarindus Indica L.) Value Chain in Uganda: Identification of Opportunities and Constraints to Its Commercialization and Domestication [1]
      Analysis of Tamarindus Indica value chain in Uganda [1]
      Analysis of the green gram value chain in Uganda. [1]
      Analysis of the impact of the agricultural productivity enhancement program on the technical and allocative efficiency of maize farmers in Masindi District [1]
      Analysis of the implementation and enforcement of the Fish Act, CAP.197 (2000) on Lake Victoria in Uganda [1]
      Analysis of tourism trends, local community participation and contribution of tourism to rural livelihoods in Murchison Falls Conservation Area, Uganda [1]
      Analysis of Value and Power in Kampala's Solid Waste Recycling Infrastructure [1]
      Apple Peel Biochemical Changes after Foliar Application of Combined Boron and Calcium I. Phenolics and Physico-Chemical Attributes [1]
      Apple Peel Biochemical Changes after Foliar Application of Combined Boron and Calcium II. Photosynthetic Pigments, Total Peroxides and Photochemical Efficiency [1]
      Application of HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) in managing common hazards in small scale groundnut paste processing industries in Uganda. [1]
      Application of morpho-anatomical traits of maize plant to quality control and quality assurance in maize seed system [1]
      Assessing the impact of land use change on carbon stocks and implications for adaptation to climate variability on the slopes of Mount Elgon, Eastern Uganda. [1]
      Assessing the impact of support to agriculture and forestry development project on maize productivity in South Sudan [1]
      Assessing the magnitude of land use/cover changes and their effect on soil properties in the transboundary River Sio catchment (Uganda/Kenya border) [1]
      Assessing the potential of rainwater harvesting in Kumi Town Council [1]
      Assessing the spatio-temporal climate variability in semi-arid Karamoja sub-region in north-eastern Uganda [1]
      An assessment of agricultural loss and damage related to floods in Kyoga basin: a case study of Kapiri catchment [1]
      An assessment of community participation on the sustainability of rural water supply and sanitation projects: A case study of Buikwe town Council in Uganda [1]