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      Characterization and distribution of a Potyvirus associated with passion fruit woodiness disease in Uganda [1]
      Characterization and expression analysis of Isoamylasei in cassava and its wild relatives [1]
      Characterizing the spatial and temporal spread of sweet potato mild mottle virus in Central Uganda [1]
      Chirungu settlement and Rwoho forest reserve: A site report prepared for presentation to the residents of Chirunga LC1 Mbarara District Administration [1]
      Climate change vulnerability and adaptation responses of fish dependent communities in the Albertine and Victoria Drainage Basins in Uganda [1]
      Co-deployment of legume nodulating bacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizae fungi for improved performance of common bean in an acid soil [1]
      Combining ability for beta-carotene and important quantitative traits in a cassava F1 population [1]
      Combining ability for multiple resistance to turcicum leaf blight (Exserohilum turcicum) and maize streak virus disease [1]
      Combining ability for resistance to soybean rust in F2 and F3 soybean populations [1]
      Combining ability of maize inbred lines for performance under low nitrogen and drought stresses [1]
      Combining biochar with mineral fertilizer to enhance maize productivity on Striga hermonthica infested farmlands [1]
      Commercialization of ruspolia nitidula (Nsenene Grasshoppers) in Central Uganda. [1]
      Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) extrusion cooking: process optimization and product evaluation [1]
      Community based management plan of Lake Bisina wetlands 2004-2009 [1]
      Community initiative in improving and maitaining the Urban enviroment: A case study of the Masese inforam settlements, Jinja Municipality, Eastern - Uganda [1]
      Community involvement in natural resources management [1]
      A community level economic value assessment of natural resources: The case of Sango Bay Forest Ecosystem, Rakai District, Uganda [1]
      Community mobilisation in rural water supply and sanitation programs: How effective is it? "A case of Wakiso District, Uganda" [1]
      Community Policing and Crime Prevention [1]
      Community utilisation and associated impacts on wetlands a case of Agu wetland, Kumi District, Uganda [1]