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      Efficacy of glutamine supplementation on the outcome of children admitted with persistent diarrhea to Mulago Hospital [1]
      The efficacy of methylene blue compared to air in the assessment of anastomotic integrity: A randomized controlled trial. [1]
      Efficacy of oral water soluble contrast medium (gastrografin) compared with standard conservative treatment in management of adhesive small bowel obstruction at mulago national hospital. [1]
      The efficacy of zinc as adjunct therapy in the treatment of severe pneumonia in children admitted to Mulago Hospital [1]
      Electrolyte abnormalities among critically ill children presenting to acute care unit, Mulago hospital: Types, associated factors, and immediate outcome [1]
      Electrolyte pattern in patients with dynamic intestinal obstructions as seen in Mulago Hospital, Kampala, Uganda [1]
      Elevated natural killer cell activity despite altered functional and phenotypic profile in Ugandans with HIV-1 Clade A or Clade D infection. [1]
      Eligibility for HIV/AIDS treatment among adults in a medical emergency setting at an urban hospital in Uganda [1]
      Eligible but not tested: Missed Opportunities for TB Diagnosis Using GeneXpert MTB/RIF Assay in Health Centre IIIs, IVs and Hospitals in Tororo and Busia Districts in Uganda [1]
      Elucidating emergence and transmission of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in treatment experienced patients by whole genome sequencing [1]
      Emergence of sickle cell gene through migration and intermarriage: A case study [1]
      Emergency obstetric referrals to Mulago hospital: Sources, immediate maternal and fetal outcomes [1]
      An Empiric Risk Scoring Tool for Identifying High-Risk Heterosexual HIV-1–Serodiscordant Couples for Targeted HIV-1 Prevention [1]
      Encephalopathic syndrome of trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense: Incidence, risk factors and predictive cerebrospinal fluid leukocyte count at Lwala Hospital, Uganda [1]
      Endemic, emerging and re-emerging communicable diseases in Uganda [1]
      The epidemiology and clinical correlates of HIV-1 co-receptor tropism in non-subtype B infections from India, Uganda and South Africa [1]
      Epidemiology and control of human schistosomiasis in Tanzania [1]
      The epidemiology of hypertension in Uganda: Findings from the national non- communicable diseases risk factor survey [1]
      The epidemiology of tetanus in Busoga [1]