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      Detection of HIV-1 M184V and K65R drug resistance mutations by Allele specific real-time PCR in patients on Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) [1]
      Detection of mutant P2 adenosine transporter (TbAT1) gene in Trypanosoma brucei gambiense isolates from northwest Uganda using allele-specific polymerase chain reaction [1]
      The dynamics of dairy production and marketing: A case of smallholder farmers in Central Uganda [1]
      Dynamics of mastitis and its control in the smallholder dairy system in Jinja district, in Uganda [1]
      Effect of extreme hydrological events on cattle production system and coping strategies in Afgoi District Somalia [1]
      Effect of foot and mouth disease in cattle on household income in selected agro-pastoral and pastoral areas of Uganda [1]
      The effect of interrupted Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) on the reconstitution of memory and naive T cells during tuberculosis treatment in HIV active pulmonary tuberculosis patients [1]
      Effect of praziquantel treatment against schistosoma mansoni during pregnancy on anti-schistosome immune responses in pregnant women and their babies [1]
      Effect of seasonal variation on milk sales and cattle vector-borne prevalence in Kiboga - Uganda [1]
      The effect of Vitamin E, Vitamin C on viability and performance of cryopreserved African Catfish (c.gariepinus) sperm. [1]
      Effects of Pest des Petits Ruminants on pastoralists' livelihoods and pastoral community resilience towards the disease spread in Galkayo District, Somalia [1]
      Effects of repeated freeze-thawing of bovine epididymal sperm on vitro embryo development [1]
      Elephant population ecology and conflict dynamics in Nimule National Park landscape [1]
      Epidemiological study of selected viral pathogens and assessment of responses to polio vaccines in semi- captive chimpanzees in Uganda. [1]
      Epidemiology of African swine fever in wild and domestic swine: Factors for its persistence in Uganda [1]
      Epidemiology of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli and salmonella diarrhea in piglets and weaners from northern and eastern Uganda [1]
      Evaluating the development of community based tourism in Bugala Island, Kalangala District [1]
      Evaluation of diatomite for improved chicken productivity in Uganda [1]
      Evaluation of pig dung value addition using indigenous micro-organisms as an approach for sustainable horticulture in Kampala-Central Uganda [1]
      Factors affecting livestock restocking projects in South Teso of Eastern Uganda [1]