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      Major limiting nutrients and lime requirement for bean production on three contrasting soils of Lake Victoria crescent agroecological zone [1]
      Making ICTs relevant to rural farmers in Uganda: A Case of Kamuli District [1]
      Male fertility and zygotic embryo germination in bananas [1]
      Management of bean root rots in the bean based cropping system in Southwestern Uganda [1]
      Management systems and location effects on growth and carcass traits of kuroiler and local chickens [1]
      Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) for Resistance to Bruchids (Callosobruchus maculatus) in Cowpea [1]
      Market participation and profitability of maize production by smallholder farmers in Masindi and Hoima Districts of Uganda [1]
      Marketing channel choice: its determinants and evaluation of transaction costs in smallholder dairy farming in Lilongwe milkshed area, Malawi [1]
      Mechanisms of adaptation of low soil phosphorus tolerant common beans to water deficit [1]
      Model fitting, selection and evaluation of inoculum from slaughtered cattle for ruminant feed evaluation [1]
      Molecular structure and functional properties of starches on the East African market [1]
      Molybdenum-Rhizobia-Phosphorus Management for Amelioration of Biological Nitrogen Fixation in Common Bean on a Ferralsol [1]
      Morphological and agronomic traits variations for Mungbean variety selection and improvement in Uganda [1]
      Morphological and genetic diversity analysis of rice accessions (Oryza sativa L.) differing in iron toxicity tolerance [1]
      Nematode 18S rRNA gene is a reliable tool for environmental biosafety assessment of transgenic banana in confined field trials [1]
      Nematode control and soil fertility improvement in banana using sunn hemp in Uganda [1]
      Nutrition education and savings effects on food nutrition security among women living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda. [1]
      Okuganyulwa mu Bulunzi bw’Embizzi (How to benefit from pig farming) [2]
      Optimisation of in vitro techniques for cassava brown streak virus elimination from infected cassava clones in Uganda. [1]
      Optimizing inoculation methods of pest-suppressing root-endophytic fungi for mass application in a commercial banana tissue culture [1]