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      A multilevel analysis of prevalence and risk factors of Malaria in children under five years in the 2018-19 Malaria indicator survey in Uganda [1]
      Multilevel and Interaction Modeling of Factors Associated with moderate to severe Anaemia among children Undefive years in Uganda [1]
      Multilevel and interaction modelling of factors associated with pneumonia among children under-five years in Uganda [1]
      Multilevel modeling of HIV positive status disclosure to the sexual partner among persons enrolled on HIV care in greater Rakai [1]
      Multilevel Models for Determinants of Maternal Health Services Utilization in Uganda Using 2016 DHS Data [1]
      Multiple HIV-1 subtype infection and transmitted drug resistance; prevalence in HIV-1 infected Ugandans and association to disease stage and progression [1]
      Multiple role navigation by working -student mothers at Makerere University, Uganda [1]
      Multiple sexual partners and sexually transmitted infections among male youths (15-24) in Uganda [1]
      Multiplicity of discrimination: a case study of deaf women's access to HIV/AIDS counseling services in selected institutions [1]
      Multirisk analysis of prostate cancer survival in Uganda [1]
      Multi–party politics and women’s freedom of expression: The case of Parliament in Uganda [1]
      Mummy in the Kitchen [1]
      Munakyalo Agamba Ki? [1]
      Mundekye Nyowe Nyejunirwe [1]
      Mundekye nze aha musharaba [1]
      Munterere Esiimu Ya Yesu [1]
      Murare gye ndagyenda [1]
      Murchison fall National Park. [1]
      Murchison Falls [1]
      Murchison falls looking down stream with spray rising. [1]